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Why use sitemap widget?
Why do you refer to the map of a country before visiting it? It helps you to get an idea about the place, the people and to get to know about the place. The answer is the same for a sitemap! It is in fact the only feature that can give the users as well as the Search Engines a complete picture; an overview of what all is there on the site. It is like the index of a book you read. It helps your visitor to see the content areas and things to be referred.
A good sitemap provides all the information in an organized way that is easy to use and simple to operate.
Benefits :
At we stick to the principle of providing the users a single overview and easiest possible navigation for the site. Thus we work for delivering the best possible results for you so that the site gets a better response.
A static design is used by is which will give your users an exact overview without getting into the design hassles. Once you submit the sitemap prepared by us to the search engines, you get assured that all you pages will be found. Sitemaps are most beneficial for the sites which have more of Adobe Flash and Java Scripts and not the HTML links as it will give an improved search engine optimization as these will be in XML format. Your URLs will be identified faster, thus making your website well organized and more visited. The will make your sitemap in the simplest possible form thus making it quickly accessible and readable by the search engines.
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